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There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) community. Activists that participated in the social justice movements of the 1960/70/early 80’s, and more specifically the Asian American Movement in the Los Angeles area, laid the foundation for much of what exists today.

With social justice still an objective, this generation of community activists have gone on to positions in community service, education, labor, media/culture, government/politics, and business. However, with folks retiring and others we have lost over the years, this cache of valuable knowledge and experience has been largely undocumented or relatively inaccessible for activists in the next generations.

In partnership with other community organizations and individuals, SPI aims to create a vehicle for exchanging ideas, stories, and resources in relation to the APIA social justice movement. This institute will serve as an intersection for individuals across generations, ethnic groups, languages, and mediums, to learn from the past and impact the present and future.


The Serve the People Institute is an education, public policy and leadership development movement that believes that knowing your history is knowing yourself. It shall empower and cultivate the courage and skills to fight for equality and justice for all.

Potential Objectives:

I.            Bring People Together – Garner support and participation from various APIA community organizations, agencies, and individuals.

II.            Document our Past – Archive and record the history and experiences of community and political activists in the 60s, 70s and 80s in the Los Angeles area through an archive directory, a webpage with links to like minded organizations and institutions, video interviews, voice recordings, lectures/programs, etc.

III.            Share our Story – Make available our shared history through events in our “Talk Story” tradition and the development of an “activist anthology”.

IV.            Broaden our Voice – Share this information with the next generations so they realize their activism is a continuation of the activism of this period of history like we were the continuation of what came before us.

V.            Shape our Future – Work with other organizations on a conference to bring APIA activists together to talk about the state of activism in the APIA community and to rebuild and open the door for new coalitions.

Intended Impact:

Participants in the Serve the People institute will benefit from shared resources, networks and information in order to better promote social justice in our communities. Additional benefits may include formalized training on effective community organizing and a deeper understanding of the core values that founded the Asian American and Pacific Islander movement of the 1960/70/early 80’s in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Current Capacity Building Activities:

  • Gain support from key community organizations and activists
  • Find, archive and map out the sources of important historical materials (newspapers, newsletters, pictures, videos, etc.) related too the Asian American Movement in Los Angeles and make them available.
  • Cultivate relationships with potential donors and funders
  • Create an advisory council, develop our webpage and develop our online archive.

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